Ep. 6- Comic Artists Keenan Marshall Keller and Tom Neely

by Jedbanger's Ball

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This week we talk to comic artists Tom Neely and Keenan Marshall Keller, creators of many awesome band logos, rad T-shirt designs and also the incredible new Image Comics series The Humans. Speed freaks, acid heads, hot chicks, haggard Vietnam vets just returned empty-eyed and gape-jawed from the jungle, rocknroll heroes, leather-clad outlaws, peeling rubber, roaring engines, gleaming choppers and MONKEYS– The Humans takes all the beautiful chaos of the 1970s California underground and tweaks and twists it into comic book mayhem. Jedbangers' Ball interviews the creators about making art and riding high.




released May 28, 2015

Jedbanger’s Ball are no-holds barred interview podcasts featuring music industry vet Jed Maheu (former A&R/Publicity at SubPop and Seattle weekly columnist and current frontman for metal punk trio Zig Zags zigzags.bandcamp.com interviewing some of the biggest and brightest of the thriving modern underground music scene. Is the music underground alive and well? Fuckk yeah, thank you very much!

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Jedbangers Ball is presented by our buddies at www.thisisnotapipe.com, produced by Jessica Hundley & Nick Fahey and recorded at Green St. Studios in Los Angeles California.



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